So... Who is Last Drop?

Understand who we are, where we came from, and the inspiration behind our business.

Last Drop was created to help make Mother Nature a better place. Our mission is to give back to the environments that give us the forests, mountains, rivers and oceans that we love to play in and that help us survive. Water is the single most important thing to every living creature on this planet, and we strive to help clean up our planet’s water – right down to the last drop.

At Last Drop, we have such a passionate love for the outdoors. This is why we dedicate our time, energy and money to relieving the impact we have on our planet. Our Earth Shirts are a fundraiser for a cleaner planet with 99% of profits going directly to water conservation and cleaning up pollution. Earth Shirts are made from recycled polyesters, recycled plastics and organic cotton. Just one shirt saves at least four plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill. Help the environment and receive an awesome shirt in return as a token of appreciation.

DryPockets are our core product and they are revolutionizing the bathing suit industry. They are bathing suits with a pocket that is actually waterproof. Whether you are surfing, rafting, swimming, fishing, or doing anything else around water, DryPockets allow you to carry your valuables with you and be confident that they are 100% protected. Keep your phones, wallets, keys and other valuables protected and dry.

We are a business that truly cares. Last Drop was built off of our love for the outdoors, and we have created incredible products that allow people to enjoy the outdoors while simultaneously making the planet a healthier place.

Protect Your Valuables & Help the Environment

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Last Drop

Last Drop is an active sports wear company dedicated to providing comfortable, useful, adventure ready apparel to the thrill-seeking adventurist.

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